Save a Girl: Sewing Centers
Save a Girl: Sewing Centers

TGUP makes its Save a Girl (SaG) kits at sewing centers in Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Cameroon. The centers employ local seamstresses in well-paying, dignified work that is often the first paying job they have ever had. When not sewing SaG kits, the centers make COVID masks, uniforms for local schools and hospitals, baby blankets, maternity clothes and other item to meet the needs of their community.

Nepal Sewing Center
  • This is a short Concept Paper explaining what a Sewing Center is.
  • Here is a Brochure providing more detail on Sewing Centers.
  • This short Video shows operations at the Sewing Center in Nepal.
  • This Video shows the Sewing Center in Nepal making Covid masks.
  • This shows the TGUP process for setting up a Sewing Center.

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