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Save a Girl!
South African girls with kits
South African girls with kits
Kit distribution
Kit distribution
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Sample kit

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Save a Girl grew out of TGUP’s Girls’ Equality Project. It provides washable, reusable sanitary supplies to adolescent girls in the developing world. Without such help, the girls cannot manage their period so they drop out of school. In the worst cases, they are sold as child brides or sex slaves. The kits cost $5 to make, but are free to the girls. They last for three years. It’s no exaggeration: keeping a girl in school for $1.67 ($5/3) per year may be one of the most cost-effective liberations of human potential on the planet. Save a Girl is raising funds to provide 25,000 kits. For the cost of a latte, YOU can Save a Girl. Join us.


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