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Save a Girl

Helping 25,000 girls stay in school!

More than 20,000,000 girls in the developing world drop out of school every year because they cannot manage their period. UNICEF says it might be as many as 50,000,000. They end up as field hands, domestic workers, sex slaves. This does not have to be!


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Save A Girl (SaG) is a TGUP campaign to provide 25,000 washable, reusable sanitary kits to girls in the developing world so they can stay in school.

GEP Kits South Africa
GEP Kits
GEP Kits Mugaka School

A SaG kit costs $5 to make but are given free of charge to the girls. Properly taken care of, a kit will last 3 years, usually long enough for a girl to finish school.

GEP Kits
GEP Kits

TGUP is working with sororities and women across the country to help developing world girls realize their educational potential. We are the most fortunate people in the history of the world. And none of us got to where we are today without somebody helping us.

Please get a group of friends or sisters together, and help some of the poorest girls in the world have just a little better chance in life.

Watch this short 1-minute video about the impact YOU can have with Save A Girl.

TGUP's Girls' Equality Project

Here are four ways to contribute:

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  • Venmo @GlobalUpliftProject
  • Text TGUPSAG to 71777
  • Send a check to TGUP Save a Girl, 4164 Stanford Way, Livermore, CA 94550

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