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Science Lab in a Box (SLaB)
2018 Nepal

TGUP's Science Lab in a Box (SLaB) provides the equipment, instruments, and supplies needed to teach international-standard laboratory science at the high school level anywhere in the developing world. It is a “starter kit” to make possible sophisticated lab work in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

SLaB is available to schools with the requisite curriculum, infrastructure, and qualified teachers in place. It is hoped that it will catalyze further interest and explorations in science for all those schools and students who use it. There is no cost to the recipient school.

2020 Nepal

Click here to see the SLaB Description.

Click here for the SLaB Application to see if your school qualifies for a SLaB.

Science Lab in a Box (SLaB) is one TGUP’s Modular Infrastructure, Locally Assembled (MILA) projects designed to offer world-class infrastructure at low cost to developing communities around the world.

Interested schools should contact TGUP at to see if they qualify for a SLaB grant. This is TGUP. It’s working. Join us.

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