We’re asked why we don’t do our work in the U.S.–why it’s all in the developing world.  There are five reasons.

First, the money goes about 100 times further in the developing world.  We’re providing Kenyan orphans protein every day for $1.35 per child per year.  We’ve doubled the calories available to villagers in Malawi for $.25 per person per year.  We’re dramatically improving the capacity for self-development, for almost nothing.   

Second, even the poorest person in this country is fabulously rich, compared to other countries.  They get free K-12 education, two free meals a day, free emergency room care, have electricity, running water, sewerage, access to the finest roads in the world, etc.  You get the idea.  Where we work most people have none of that. 

Third, we’ve had the luxury to make our choices.  We spend $1,261 on the average dog in this country.  The average adult woman spends $885 every year on makeup.  Don’t get us started on alcohol, pornography, gambling, prostitution, diet aids, weapons…  Can we afford $1 to help someone starving, or without health care? 

Fourth, in some sense, it doesn’t matter where we spend the money, as long as it is done ethically, and effectively.  That’s because our main focus is not where the money goes, it’s where it comes from. We’re trying to motivate altruism, and show people their efficacy if they’ll all work together. 

Finally, if people want to see more work done here at home to help the homeless, or otherwise afflicted, then go for it!  We are working to make the world a better place according to the way we’ve been inspired.  We hope you will be inspired to take up your own cause, or join another cause.  Then, the world will really be better! 


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