TGUP: Gifts that Uplift
Gifts that Uplift 

TGUP gifts help developing world people have a better chance in life. Perfect for Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations - any occasion where you want to acknowledge someone, while doing good for the world at the same time. Thank you!

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TGUP Project Gift: Student in Multiple Countries
School supplies: $5
Supplies gifted to date:

Many school children in African countries are prohibited from going to school because they don't have the required basic supplies: pens, pencils, etc. This project provides one school child with the needed supplies so they can stay in school. It only costs $5 to give the required materials.

TGUP Project Gift: Menstrual Kits in Multiple Countries
Save a Girl: $6
Kits gifted to date:

$6 provides one adolescent girl with washable reusable sanitary supplies so she can manage her period and stay in school. Each kit lasts for three years and is given free to adolescent girls along with education on the use of the kit, feminine hygiene, self defense, and both male and female biology.

TGUP Project Gift: Hygiene Kits in Uganda
Hygiene kit: $10
Kits gifted to date:

These $10 hygiene kits are given to school children in need in Uganda. Each kit contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, nail clippers, soap, wash cloth, and tube of vaseline. All the items are contained in a mesh carrying bag.

TGUP Project Gift: Safe Birthing Kits in Tanzania
Birthing kit: $20
Kits gifted to date:

Maasai women give birth in their homes often in unsanitary conditions. These $20 kits are given free to pregnant women, and include a plastic drape over which the birth takes place, razor and clamps for cutting the cord, antibiotics for cord stem and eyes, wash basin & soap, blankets, gloves & gowns for midwives and washcloths.

TGUP Project Gift: Shoes in Multiple Countries
Shoes: $25
Shoes gifted to date:

Over 1.5 billion people suffer from soil transmitted diseases worldwide. Without shoes, children are especially vulnerable to diseases and parasites. These 'shoes that grow' can expand through 5 sizes and keep children healthy and allow them to go to school and only cost $25 per pair.

TGUP Project Gift: Beehives in Kenya
Beehive: $90
Hives gifted to date:

A $90 beehive provides pollination to boost crop yields 2–4x. Each hive comes with a personalized plaque naming the person honored and will be installed on a farm, at a school, or in a village in Kenya. The honey from hives is sold to support local farmers, schools, and the hive upkeep.

TGUP Project Gift: Maasai Stoves in Tanzania
Smoke-reducing stove: $100
Stoves gifted to date:

$100 will fund the construction and installation (done by Maasai women) of a smoke-reducing stove for a Maasai family in Tanzania. The stoves benefit the health of the entire community, but particularly the children for whom the smoke causes lung problems, burns, and even death.

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