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TGUP gifts help developing world people have a better chance in life. Perfect for Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations - any occasion where you want to acknowledge someone, while doing good for the world at the same time. Thank you!

TGUP Project Gift: CV19 Masks in Various
Masks: $10
TGUP Project Gift: GEP - Save a Girl! in Various
GEP kits: $5
TGUP Project Gift: Beehives 2020 in Kenya
Beehive: $150
TGUP Project Gift: Solar Library in Kenya
Solar Library: $140
TGUP Project Gift: Tree Planting: Environmental Change Makers in Morocco
Argan Tree: $20
TGUP Project Gift: Nutrition Supplements for Infants in Indonesia
Food Package: $100

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