TGUP - Gifts that Uplift
Gifts that Uplift

TGUP gifts help developing world people have a better chance in life. Perfect for Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations - any occasion where you want to acknowledge someone, while doing good for the world at the same time. Thank you!

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TGUP Project Gift: Argan Tree Planting in Morocco
Argan Tree: $20

$20 will plant an Argan tree in Morocco to support local women who grind the nuts and use the oil for cooking or sale in local communities.

TGUP Project Gift: Supplements for Children in Indonesia
Food Package: $100

$100 will provide 4 severely malnourished young children, or 4 nursing mothers and their babies, with essential food supplements for a month in Bali.

TGUP Project Gift: Beehives in Kenya
Beehive: $120

A $120 beehive provides pollination to boost crop yields 2–4x. Each hive comes with a personalized plaque naming the person honored.

TGUP Project Gift: Solar Library in Kenya
Solar Library: $140

$140 will provide a Maasai girl and her family with a solar light and 14 books so she and her siblings can read and study at home.

TGUP Project Gift: Meru Community in Kenya
Water Tank: $300

$300 will purchase and install a 3,000 liter water tank and roof catchment system in a drought striken area in Meru, Kenya.

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