About TGUP: Effective Altruism
Our Mission
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The Global Uplift Project’s mission is to improve Education for the developing world’s people. That means improving facilities, access, and curricular depth. It also means working with local people to implement proven solutions.

We focus on Education because it is the greatest force multiplier for every person’s efforts. A better educated person remains better educated for their entire life. And they pass better education on to their children. It literally ripples into eternity.

Charambi Nepal Birthing Center

We also have a Mission here, at home. That is to engage millions of people in small acts of altruism by offering them the chance to help bring these Education projects into being. Why?

Because we are bigger when we help others, and bigger people act differently. They are more compassionate, more inclusive, more creative, more courageous. We want a world where there are millions of such people working their magic.

When that occurs, when millions of people are intentionally engaged and knowingly effective in improving their world, that better world we all long for will come about.

A Better World “out there.” A Better World here at home. That is TGUP’s Mission.

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