TGUP: Fundraising Tools
Fundraising Tools

To do a fundraiser for a TGUP project, pick a project to support from this list.

If the project is from the Large or Medium sub-list, TGUP will give you and your organization tailored support. That might include helping you create flyers, posters, hand-outs, videos, social media content, etc. To request such support, write to

2021 Githage Playground

Generic Tools Explaining TGUP and Its Work

2021 Kiangi

Save a Girl

Click here to see all Save a Girl fundraising tools.

Save A Girl

Science Lab in a Box

2020 Sunaula5

Click here to see all to see all Science Lab in a Box fundraising tools.

Tools for Schools

  • Click here to see what Students and Teachers say about TGUP.
  • Click here for the “How-To Manual” to conduct a successful TGUP fundraiser in your school.
LAHS Fundraising

Tools for Service Clubs

2021 SaG USA

Coming Soon

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