TGUP: 6C Program
6C Program

TGUP’s 6C Program helps service clubs—Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, etc.—carry out international development projects far greater than they could accomplish if they were only acting alone. It amplifies their generosity and impact.

6C stands for Clusters of Clubs Collaborating to Create Catalytic Change. It looks like this:

TGUP 6C Program Map

The 6C Program brings clubs together to fund specific, high impact projects in developing world communities: classrooms; medical clinics; playgrounds; latrines; libraries; water wells; etc.

New Classroom in NicaraguaNew Classroom in Kenya

TGUP manages all facets of project execution. It reports back to clubs on project budget, schedule, design, progress, and impact.

Nicaragua ClassroomNew Kenyan Classroom


  • Clubs can participate in specific, high-impact projects in the developing world.
  • They can participate at the level that is comfortable for them and their members.
  • TGUP manages all facets of project execution including budgeting, design, construction, and reporting.
  • Clubs receive weekly updates and a final report on the progress of “their” project. 100% of every dollar donated goes to fund the designated project.
2009 Indonesia New School2009 Kenya Mureru Classroom

TGUP has completed small-scale infrastructure projects in developing world countries. All have been funded by small donations from many donors. All have a dramatic impact on local communities’ ability to help themselves.

Click below to see a 3-minute video explaining the 6C Program.

6C Program Video

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