The smallest things make the biggest difference. In #Nepal, ODFL helps vaccinate newborns against the 11 most common childhood diseases.  We all know their names, but to us they are just medical textbook curiosities:  measles; typhus; tetanus; cholera; diphtheria; yellow fever; etc.  The reason none of us get them is that we’ve all been vaccinated. 

If you have not been vaccinated, and your community has not been, you and they will spend a huge amount of your life in pain, suffering, contagion, and death.  It is one of the reasons it is so hard to break out of the cycle of poverty:  unless vaccinations are addressed, disease kneecaps all other development efforts.

In Nepal, ODFL works with One Heart Worldwide to not only reduce maternal and neo-natal mortality.  But also to vaccinate newborns at birth against these diseases.  The cost? $3. The return? More than $3,000 of averted pain, suffering, contagion and death. These data are from the Nepal Ministry of Health.  We actually CAN change the world.  See details here.   

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