The old latrines are in very poor condition and unsafe. The Global Uplift Project is building a new set of latrines with 6 private stalls.

Work has started on the new latrines! The plot was marked out and the digging has begun. The building materials for the pit have been delivered and the top layer of rock and concrete has been installed. This reinforcing wall will prevent the surrounding top soil from falling into the pit as it gets deeper.

Now that the retaining wall is set, the pit can be excavated. The digging on October 10th brought the size of the pit to 6 1/2 feet wide by 10 feet long by 6 feet deep. When finished the pit will be 35 feet deep! It will be large enough that the 6 latrine block will last for many years.

Three men working together are making great progress on enlarging the pit. One does the digging, another hauls up the soil in a bucket, and the third takes and empties the bucket. The pit is now about 25 feet deep.

The crew managed to dig even deeper than the 35ft specified. They got to 37ft before the ground was too full of large boulders to make any more progress. The ground around has been leveled and the necessary supplies have been delivered, ready to start building. Tomorrow the concrete work, of lining the pit and building a reinforced floor, will start.

The pit has been lined with a layer of concrete to prevent erosion, the pit has been covered, the rebar laid and on 10/22 the concrete floor was put down.

Great progress again this week! The walls are now up and the roof is framed.

The roof has been added, the doorways framed and the inside and outside plastering completed.

Making rapid progress on the latrines. The fascia board has been added to the roof, most of the tile work is finished in the 6 stalls and the large urinal and the painting has been started.

The work was finished this week and today, 11/20/20, they were officially handed over to the school. They are by far the nicest latrines that anyone at the school has ever seen!

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