TGUP is partnering with Melissa Prandi Children Foundation to establish a new sewing center in Nsawo, Uganda, to provide Save a Girl ™ kits.

To see a Gallery of all of the 60,000+ SaG kits ever distributed, click here

To see a list of all the MPCF-funded kits distributed to-date in Uganda, click here.

The new sewing center in Nsawo, Uganda:

Delivering 500 kits from TGUP’s partner in Kenya for distribution to local girls in Uganda:

Nsawo Community Development Project and help from Kenya
Brenda helping setup
Cutting out patterns
The new serger — a godsend!
Sewing the kits
Assembling kits

Scroll down to see photos from each kit distribution. We love being able to see the humanity in the faces of the girls.

Nsawo Primary School, Nsawo
53 kits: August 22, 2023
Kaswa Muslim Primary School, Nsawo
44 kits: August 22, 2023
Janan School, Kabalagala
165 Kits: Sept 23, 2023
Balitta Lwogi Primary, Terrat, Kasana Luwero
71 Kits: Sept 26, 2023
Ryan Muslim School, Kasana Luwero
32 Kits: Sept 28, 2023
Bukolwa Church School, Bukolwa Luwero
36 Kits: Sept 29, 2023
Legacy Christian Primary School, Kubamitwe
121 Kits: Oct 19, 2023
Legacy Christian Secondary School, Kubamitwe
67 Kits: Oct 19, 2023
Kyetume Church of Uganda Primary School, Kyetume
55 Kits: Oct 19, 2023
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