The Kiamwathi Secondary School has 540 students and two science labs, but not sufficient science supplies or equipment to teach all the required curriculum.

This project will repair one of the two labs and include renovation of the flooring and walls, and installation of six new 10′ workbenches with integrated gas and water lines. There will also be new cement workbenches built on both side walls. There will be a total of 20 sinks for use by the students and staff.

After the room is completed, a TGUP Science Lab in a Box (SLaB) will be installed.

Below is the exterior of the science lab building.

And the interior:

The sand has been delivered. Next will be ballast and cement. These materials will be used to repair the flooring and to build the concrete workbenches.

Concrete ballast and stones were delivered March 6th so construction can now begin.

Video of the room being gutted:

Room is cleared out and ready for construction of the workbenches. These large stones will be the base of the workbenches secured with cement that you can see being mixed.

The workbenches are taking shape along the side walls and down the center of the room.

The workbenches are being filled with cement.

Water line is being laid from the water tanks, buried in the ground, to the classroom.

Work benches are leveled and prepared for sinks and gas lines.

Sinks being installed.

Sinks are installed and water drainage completed.

Gas lines installed and shelving/cabinets being built.

New windows installed.

Cabinets installed.

Finishing floors.

Finishing lab workbenches.

Final lab.

This is as fine a high school Science lab as there is in Africa.  Now, on to installing the SLaB itself. 

Equipment and supplies arrive.

TGUP’s Brenda Birrell commemorates opening.

Students begin work.

Thank you!

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